If you’re looking to increase revenue streams and empower your sales force, you’ve landed in the right place. With eduGear as your channel partner, you will gain access to the latest  and highest quality technology geared for education customers. We have a highly responsive and innovative team who will focus on your needs. With eduGear, your growth options are endless.

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Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking
We have only just begun and our forward thinking approach continues on a daily basis. Through key partnerships with organizations like Google, Intel, Microsoft we continually adapt within the Education industry and continue to push the envelope within the tablet, notebook, and Chromebook space.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships
Your core business function is to create solutions for your customers that keep them coming back. Our partnership will ensure this happens effectively and efficiently. Attracting new opportunities, specialized talent, on-demand resources, and improved productivity are just a few elements we can collaborate on and serve your customer with a leading edge total solution.

Opportunities are Endless

Opportunities are Endless
Education is the #2 industry in the United States behind only Healthcare, and has an estimated worth of $1.3 trillion dollars. Of that incredible worth, K-12 and Higher Education make up more than 88% of that space. This is where eduGear excels and will dominate in the years to come.

eduGear Benefits

Benefits of the eduGear Program

Edugear collaborates with our value-added resellers (VARs) and channel partners in an effort to create more rewarding and long-lasting relationships. Here’s how:

selling through partners

We only sell through Channel Partners
We do not sell direct to end users, so you will never find yourself in a situation where we are competing for the same business. Instead we will create an alliance, strategize with you on your client’s needs and wants and piece together the appropriate solution to ensure you win the business.

Precise Experience & Expertise

Precise Experience & Expertise
151,356 students using eduGear, 60,000 mobile devices sold, 2,280 education customers, and this is just the tip of the iceberg as we continue to deploy. Our mandate is to work with K-12 and Higher Education institutions and fully expect to help increase the device to student ratio across North America.

We Elevate Results

Together we elevate Results
Our strategic approach is quite simple. We want to ensure with eduGear in your portfolio line up, you are able to increase revenues, profits, and market share. It all comes down to what your customers and what they want. Together we will give them: smart technology, demonstrated value and responsive service.

Partner with eduGear

Partner with eduGear

eduGear delivers Education specific technology solutions, training, support and marketing programs that exceed your customers’ expectations. We are looking for established organizations within the Education market space. Just a few simple steps, and together we can make a difference in your local community today.

What we are looking for in a partner


✔ At least 2 year experience marketing to the local Education Market (K-12, Higher Education)

✔ At least 10 existing and established education customers

✔ Sales representatives dedicated to EDU space

✔ Support/Marketing representatives to collaborate with

✔ A current portfolio of products/services that compliment the eduGear brand


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