Education Software Suite

You need more than just your hardware to be classroom-ready. The eduGear® Chromebook Software Suite creates a tailored learning environment for your students at a reasonable price.
Education Software

We’ve partnered with top software companies and have designed a suite of applications to help you manage the devices, and your students’ learning experience.

  • GoGuardian

    Gain even more precise control over how technology is used in your school with GoGuardian for Teachers.


    Built from the ground up with classroom management in mind, GoGuardian for Teachers is the answer for educators looking to improve performance, focus, and engagement in the classroom.


  • GoGuardian

    With GoGuardian, educators feel safe allowing students access to the most powerful education tool ever created—the internet—without fear of harmful content or distractions getting in the way of learning.


    What’s more, usage insights and analytics help schools better understand how their technology is being used, so they can positively influence student behavior.


Chrome Management Console

Chrome Management Console $30+

The Chrome Management Console allows you to configure and manage all of your registered eduGear® Chromebooks from the comfort and convenience of your own computer. You can make apps accessible to students based on grade level or subject, manage user and network access, monitor usage reports, and of course, customize your Chromebooks with desktop themes.