White Glove

Our promise: when your devices arrive to your desired location, they will be ready for use.

Take advantage of our expertise and make your deployments seamless. By allowing us to pre-configure your units, you will free up resources and have a smoother transition with new technology in your classroom.

White Glove
Kick Start for Chromebooks

Google Chrome Management Console Kick Start

Reduce risks, save time and manage it all from a central location.

Our mobile computing team has designed the Chrome Management Console Kick Start Program which is ideal for educators who are new to the Chrome ecosystem or educators with tight resources and little time in their hands.



Fact: Your next mobile device roll-out will be trouble-free and won’t cost you a fortune.

By adapting each deployment task to your needs, our rollout services result in a smooth, secure deployment of thousands of ready-to-use devices. Once we have established a detailed deployment plan, we manage the project until completion.

Technical Training

Because you need on-site knowledge to maximize ROI in your school.

Our technical training services play a key role in engaging students in digital learning. By leveraging our technical training resources, you will receive a customized suite of tools designed to help you achieve your specific goals.

Technical Training
Audit for Chromebooks

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Audit for Chromebooks

With GAFE Audit you can review and analyze integration with other I.T. systems, compliance, and evaluation of current usage of GAFE offerings. The Audit will then put forth recommendations to maximize the effective use of GAFE.

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