Glenn Collins

Executive VP of Business Development

Glenn has over 35 years of experience in the I.T. and Education fields. As one of the pioneers in the personal computer industry, Glenn had the privilege of selling some of the first PCs ever manufactured. His employment background include strategic roles in several multimillion dollar companies and providing global consulting services to world-class technology organizations including IBM, HP, Adobe, PeopleSoft, CISCO and SAP.
Glenn is passionate about delivering exceptional value to Education customers. Glenn translates customer needs into the design and development EduGear, a purpose-built product line for Education. Working with leading technology companies like Microsoft, Google and Intel, Glenn’s role is to support EduGear’s goal of improving learning outcomes through the deployment of cost-effective mobile technology solutions.


Other Members


Leszek Biurkowski

VP Operations

Brigitta Navodarszky

Project Manager