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LaCrosse-SchoolUnder Gate’s direction, the LaCrosse School District began working towards 1:1 learning using Chromebooks. LaCrosse had previously purchased computers from CDI (eduGear’s parent company) and there were a number of factors that led Gates to choose eduGear as the education technology solution provider to meet their goals.

Since balancing cost with functionality was their primary challenge, eduGear’s affordable pricing was a major deciding factor. LaCrosse was able to test the Chromebook’s functionality by using eduGear’s 30-day free demo offer. This pre-sales trial helped them evaluate how well the Chromebooks would work in the actual environment where they would be used. Furthermore, according to Gates, “the fact that eduGear offered the MobyMax subscription was a real big seller for us.” Available options such as the CB33 Smart Charge Cart also played a role in LaCrosse choosing eduGear to provide them with a complete solution to meet their needs.

The district initially bought 20 HP Chromebooks which when combined with MobyMax worked really well for them. On observing how deeply engaged a group of LaCrosse elementary school students became with the new Chromebooks, Gates remarked, “the students didn’t like me asking them questions about how they liked the Chromebooks while they were using them.”

Since June 2016, LaCrosse has deployed 55 eduGear Chromebooks across the district and reached their goal of creating 1:1 learning for their students.