The Digital Revolution presents a huge opportunity for you. With access to suitable technology you can focus on delivering meaningful and individualized lessons and improve your students’ learning outcomes.


The challenge is that not all devices and software are created equal. Adopting new technology that fits your teaching program might feel like a superhuman task; until you learn about eduGear®.

eduGear® for Teachers

Why eduGear®

Designed Exclusively for Classrooms
Designed Exclusively to withstand the use in Classrooms.
The longest warranties in the industry
Packed with the longest warranties in the industry.
Loaded with software
Loaded with classroom management and curriculum software.
Charging and Storage hardware Securely
Charging and Storage hardware to keep your classroom mobile.

Learn how we’re delivering the 21st century classroom

Students Receive Personal Laptops
Officials recently handed out laptops to some kindergarten to third grade students. Officials hope these devices will benefit all of them, particularly disadvantaged students. "My thought was like, 'Woo! It came right through my head like they're here. It's finally happened'," Grand Ridge School Second Grader Sarah Maguire said. A thought most of Keesha Childs' Grand Ridge Elementary School second graders no doubt had, after receiving their own personal Intel Education two-in-one devices. Students received the computers as part of the $2 million "Digital Jackson - Students and Teachers Achieving with Technology" initiative.


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