Let our designers create custom branded products for your devices.

With CDI’s school branding options, you will enhance device durability, security while elevating your school’s spirit. Whether you’re looking for custom UV printing, skins, bags or decals, we have a solution to meet your needs.

How Does it Work?

1. Send us the logo or graphics or get us to create them for you.
UV Printing
2. You'll choose your favorite and send us approval.
3. Our team will process your order based on your requirements.
4. We’ll ship your customized units to you.

How Does It WorkUV Printing

By using the latest printing technology in the industry we allow you to fully customize the exterior of your mobile devices regardless of the type or size.



Device Skins Skins

Custom skins enhance durability, security and school spirit. We will work with you to come up with the perfect designs, send samples and then apply the custom skin to any Notebook or Chromebook.

Custom Branding Custom Branding Custom Branding Custom Branding


Notebook Bags Bags and Sleeves

Bring extra protection and ease of transportation to devices in the classroom or campus.

  • Fit devices from 13" up to 17"
  • Color available: grey, blue red, and green (more colors available upon request)
  • 1 or 2 color logo imprint
  • Choose from low end to high end bag options
Fort Gibson Public Schools Weston School District Tri Valley Community

Mobile Carts Decals

With decals you have virtually endless branding opportunities that can be applies to mobile carts or other hardware of your choice.

  • Order magnets or decals depending on the size and application
  • Full color imprint
  • Custom Cut
MobiLABCart Orange Harleton 300x225 MobiLABCart Grey AISD 300x225 MobiLABCart Red DenverISD 300x225

Asset-Tag Asset Tag

Asset tags can display any piece of information we keep in our system as well as custom fields defined by you.

Asset Tagging Services

A variety of material can give enhanced serialized protection.

  • Create tags of various material (paper, vinyl, metal, etc.) and any shape, size, and color
  • Attach a custom tag to every piece we ship (including name, address, serial number, etc.)
  • Match your tag to our system so we can provide dozens of reports for you
  • Attach matching asset tags to packaging as well as the unit
  • Create specific, custom solutions that match your needs perfectly
  • Use you own tags or get us to make you some

Customize your next fleet of devices with us.